Winter Mode

My Monday long run was an impossibility today, but I made the best of the day.  I took the kids to school, and set out for a 7 mile run.  The weather has been mild thus far, but this morning it was a cool 38 degrees.  It’s time to break out the tights, the gloves, the hats etc.  I wore a pair of tights, long sleeve dry wicking shirt, a vest, a hat and gloves.  It’s tuff getting back into winter mode.  I stepped out side and was chilled.  I think that’s a good sign that you will be warm enough, but not too warm on a run.  I felt awesome on my run, Fit in some of the hills from the frostbite. 

I got home and get ready for a little OT at work.  I wish I could work 10-2 everyday.  In the afternoon I went to fc and did powerzone.  We did some 1 leg squats, and I could feel the results from the previous days track work out.  I finished the night with some turkey tacos for my 3 favorite boys.