Why did I think this would work?

With my bike still in repair, I had to do some rearranging to the training schedule.  I woke up a litle too late to make it to the 0600 masters swim, but I went to Nelson anyway and Steven and I swam a 200 warm up, 4×50 drills, 2×200’s, 3×100, 2×200, 3×100, and a 200 cool down.

I was glad we switched the bike-run brick until tomorrow, so we just had to do a 2hr bike.  Now in hind site, I’m sure why we thought this would work but… I had to get the ride done, but didn’t have a bike.  I did however have an old pair of Sidi shoes with Look cleats that would fit in Stevens old Cannondale road bike.  Did I mention it was a size 56.  We slammed the seat down and forward, and set out to ride.  We made it out an hour and the the complaining started.  My arms were stretched, and the seat was killing my ” underside” .  This was not working out well.  We turned around and headed home.  It was painful on the way back.  I hope I didn’t do any real damage.  That was quite possibly the dumbest thing I ever tried to do.  Thankfully Jake called around three, and my bike was done.  Now the brick is on for tomorrow.