Weekend Update

Nothing to exciting training wise, this weekend.  Friday morning I went to the pool around 0530.  I had had a long swim, but it was cut short due to a class, and the fact the other lanes were full.  A little disgruntled I left and went to work.  I got a nice 5 mile run in after work though.

Saturday morning I helped my friend Court set up for a garage sale.( Not to self:  Never drink Margaritas the night before you are having a garage sale).  The best thing that happened Saturday was, I got a pair of Salomon train running shoes for $4.  Courtney bought a pair, and wore them a few time, but they were too big. Score, my big clown feet fit perfectly. I love having cool friends. 

Today I did 4 miles on the treadmill, an hour of weights, and 45min on the trainer.  The best part of today: Tickets to Alabama have been purchased.  I will be heading to Gulf Shores for the Hot to Trot reverse duathlon.   My fellow rabbits: Jason, and Dan will be there too.  It’s sure to be a great race! 

That’s the news.  Have a goodnight and a pleasant tomorrow.