Waiting patiently

I admit it, I am not a patient person.  I tried to get to the track early to get my work out in before  I had to drop off at football.  I drove up to the track and there were a ton of football players practicing.  There was no way I was going to run alone, with all of them there.  I went back home, and made a quick supper.  I went back to the track around 1745.  The group had already begun.  I did a 1 mile warm up at home on the treadmill, so when I got there I started right in with the 400, walk a 100, 800, walk a 100 routine.  I felt like I was running strong tonight.  I finished the workout, doing 4miles total.

After track I went to the club to get my long swim in.  There was a group waiting to start a class at 7 and the 2 swim lanes were occupied.  I asked the group if I could swim next to them until the class started. They didn’t mind as long as I didn’t splash too much.  I did a 500, and got back out so they could begin.  One of the guys in the lap lane said I could join in his lane, but I told him to finish his workout.  I sat and waited patiently.  I just needed to do a mile, and that only takes me 30min. or less.  The lap lanes are not very wide, and it is difficult to swim with someone unless they are the same pace, doing the same work out.  The other lane opened up, and I was in.  I did my 1.25miles and was happy.  I hate to feel rushed when doing a workout, and would never hope to make anyone else.