Virginia BBQ

I didn’t spend a lot of a time at the Virgina BBQ last weekend, but my Husband made up for my absence.  I did make it down, or up whatever, Saturday morning for the return of the Virgina BBQ 5K!  My bff Courtney came to run too.  I don’t know haw may years it has been since the last 5k, but I hope the do this race again next year.  The registration fee was only 5$, and we received a nice tote bag, shirt, and water bottle.  The course was slightly hilly and with the rain, it was muggy.  I tried to keep a steady pace around 6:45, and recover after the hills.  I was in second place most the race, and start catching the first girl( who was like 16).  We fought to the finish in the last 200 yards, but she out sprinted me.  I came in second, and Courtney came in third.  My time was Ok.  A 22:20 ish.  Courtney and I got a Bloody Mary and some Breakfast before picking up my trophy, which was very cute, a tennis shoe with wings.   We couldn’t stay at the BBQ any longer but had a great time while we were there.  Thanks to all the volunteers, they did a great job!