Last night we went to the Howl at the Moon party at Panther Creek, So this morning when it came time for a run, a few miles would be sufficient.  Steven and I decided to run to his house and back, so he could grab something he needed from his house.  ” It will probably be 5-6 mile total.”  Wecan handle that.  Well I was right about the 5 miles part…one way.  By the time we got to his house it was 4.6 miles.  Not to mention the G2, and grapes I ate for breakfast made my stomach turn.  If we had a car there, we would not have ran back home, but no other choice.  After the G2 made a return, we set off back to my house. 

The first mile on the way back, I was questioning if I could make it.  Finally on the home stretch. I commented “this run sucks”, to which Steven Replied ” I hate everyone right now”.   We were whining like little kids.  We made it back to my house in 1hr 20min. and 9.25 miles.  I guess I underestimated, Huh? 

After a nap on the couch, I got to go see Twilight, the movie!  Of course it’s not as good as the book, but I was pleasantly surprised.  It’s worth it if you are a sappy girl, or guy for that matter.