Two for Tuesday.  I started with a pool workout.  300 free for a warm up, and then 2×200 getting faster with each 50.  Drill set: 4×100.  odds, count strokes, -1 stroke on the second 50.  Evens, closed fist swim the first 50.  Main set:  8×150 cruise intervals on the 2:10 with 10 sec rest.  Cool down: 5×50’s breathing on the right side only first 25.  There was a cute little girl getting swim lessons in the lane next to me.  During one of my flip turns on the 150, I saw her watching me under the water.  I knew the must be working on flip turns.  I stopped, and asked they wanted me to do a slow turn.  “That would be great.”  I did a turn for them, trying to use my best form.  The instructor said thanks that was perfect.  That was my ego boost for the day. 

After the swim I rushed up to the treadmills to do a run.  I shortened my warm up to a half mile then I did a mile @ 10 k pace, 1200, 800, 400, 400.  Increasing in speed with each interval.  I did a mile cool down, and then had to go.