Two days can kill

Man, I took two day off and when I went for my run today it felt like I had a 20 pound weight on my chest.  Thursday night I met my mom for a drink.  She had been gone for a week and we had a lot of catching up to do. 

Friday I worked late, and then spent all night driving to KC.  So fast forward to this morning.  After breakfast  I headed out the door.  The KLM triathlon is tomorrow, and I just wanted to do a few miles.  I started off around a 7:20 pace.  Happy to be out running.  The first mile was good, the second not bad.  By mile three I felt like my lungs would not fully expand.  I was sucking air.  About a half a mile from home and I run past the Shawnee farmers market.  The smell of barbecue pig flesh wafted in the air.  I literally gaged from the smell.  I can’t stand the smell of cooking meat anyway, but especially when you are running. 

I made it back home having done a little over 4 miles.   To make sure my legs were ready for speed tomorrow I did 4 sprint hill repeats.  I went in side to bask in the AC, did a set of sit ups, push ups and planks.  This  afternoon I am going to Gary Gribbles?  a running store in KC to try on some Zoot Tri shoes!