Trick or Treat

DSC01696So I continued my fast to today.  I feel great.  I have learned to recognize when I am actually hungry, and specifically what foods provide, energy wise to the body.  I’m sure tonight I will have a few beers at the Office Halloween party. 

I knew that I would not have time after work to work out, so I went to FC south before work this morning and did a 1.5 mile swim.  The pool was empty, nice!  I finished the swim, showered, and went to work.

After work I went to my brothers to see my kids, and nieces dressed up.  Brady, and Reily were a Clone trooper, and Indiana Jones, respectively.  Hardy breed Jason was there , with his little ones too.
The kids set off trick or treating, and I had to go change in to my costume. I was, well we’ll say Alabama from the movie “True Romance”, and Steven was my “manager”.

I had a blast at the Halloween party. There were no tricks, but a few Miller treats.