Tri Shark Fun

The Trishark Sprint Triathlon is a popular race.  Registration fills up fast.  I got lucky this year on a transfer.  The race was held in a new location this year, beautiful Comlera County park.  This is where the Evergreen lake Tri is held.  I left the house around 0530, flying solo.  I  had no problems finding the park.  I got by bib, and awesome T-shirt.  Seriously, probably the best shirt ever.  There were a couple of vendors there also.  I looked but didn’t buy.  The transition area was divided by wave.  I was in 3.  I got my transition area set up, I was still undecided if  I was going to wear the wetsuit.  I got some helpful advice from Nancy.   I decided to for a warm up swim with out the suit and see how I acclimated to the water.  The water was a little chilly at first but after couple hundred yards, I felt fine.  Okay I’m not going to wear it.  I made the decision and I think I’m  glad I didn’t wear it, the majority of people did though.


When my heat started the swim, I kept to the inside and had a nice steady swim.  T1 went good, and I gained time. not having to take the wetsuit off.  The Bike course was nice, closed off, and not too hilly.  I love the sound of awesome cyclist passing me with their disc wheels.  It sounds like  a car zooming by.  I passed a few people towards the end of the bike, and made it out of transition faster, but as soon as I started the run, I knew there was trouble.  I felt bad, like my lungs hurt, and I’m tired bad.  I just wanted to get it over with.  This was by far my worst run ever, but considering I have only been back a week…


After finishing, I got some food, learned what a Gondola for Avanti’s was, and Changed.  It didn’t take too long for the awards to start.  I ended up with first in my age group, and got a cool wooden trophy.  Congratulations to other Tri clubbers, Nancy and Brenda who took One and two, and Patty who won her age group.  Awesome job everyone!   This was a great race , I can see why registrationcloses quick!  After the race I had the pleasure of going to the Virginia BBQ.  Maybe this should be tradition, Tri Shark then BBQ Pork.  Uh no pork for me though.