Train like a pro

Well it’s Tuesday so that means a long day at work and off to the pool.   I was reading my June issue of Triathlete magazine during lunch, they have a colum called “My favorite work out.”  Austrailian Craig Walton shared a favorite swim session.  I decided to try this work out today. I cut mine down a bit.  He warms up 800-1200 then does 16×50 on the 45, 12 on the 50, 8 on the 55, and 4 on the 60.  I did 8×50’s with each set increasing by 5 seconds. So 8 on the 45, 8 on the 50 ect.  I finished with a cool down.  This set was tough but fun.  I hope to be able to comple the entire workout like the pro.  Someday.   After I fixed supper I road on my trainer for 40 min.  Just some easy spinning, while I watched American Idol.