Track and Team Time Trials!

I dragged myself out of bed early and headed to the pool.  The set was as follows:  300 warm up, 6×50 drills,  6×100’s, 8×50’s, 2×100’s and a 200 cool down.  While I went to work, others I know made a pit stop at home to catch some of the Tour before going to work. 

I plan on doing the time trial tomorrow night, so we ran up to the track tonight to get speed work in.  Both the kids ran all the way to the track ( its just about a mile)with no whining.  The kids played on the jungle gym,  while Steven and I did a work out.  After a lap for a warm up, we did:  800, 400, 800, 400 drink then 200, 400, 200, 400.  My last 400 was my fastest!  The run home wasn’t quite as pleasant.  There was definitely some whining going on, but we made back home, running most of the way.  Then it was straight to the couch to watch the team time trials.