Toe Jam

DSC01812Jason gets to do it, so now it’s my turn to post ugly toe pictures.  Yes, it’s my toe.  I dropped a heavy piece of an OR table on my foot today at work.  It instantly took my breath away, and then the @#$5 followed.  I took my shoe off, to find my sock covered in blood.  I was afraid to take my sock off.  I eventually bucked up, and took my it off.  I had a large cut, right below my toe nail.   Okay, not so bad, I was afraid the nail was split.  My toe continued to throb, and bleed all day.  So what did I do after work?  I had to go run.  I was dying to run in my Newtons, and the weather was perfect. 

I put a fresh bandaid on the toe and started my run.  Newton suggest getting aquainted with shoes on shorter runs, until you feel comfortable.  My toe was killing me most of the run, but I swear I felt like I was running faster, and more efficiednt in my Newtons.  It may be premature, but I think I love them.  When I got home, I took my sock of to see how bad my toe looked.  Not to bad, I think I’ll live.