The Stoneman Sprint

I made it to the beach house around 0635 Sunday morning.  I made my way to the transition area to get set up.  Everything was easy to find, and well set up.  I got marked and got my chip right away.  I set up my bike and went for a quick run to warm up.  At 0730 the iron Abe started.  I watched them start,  looking for tips on the open water swim.  I have to admit, I was starting to get nervous.  I was in the 3rd wave.  I got towards the front. The first 250 of the swim I was having trouble spotting the orange buoys.  I kicked it in the last 250 and made it out of the water first in my wave.  T1 was good. I put my socks,shoes, helmet, and glasses on, and took off.  The bike went well.  It was mostly flat.  (R.I.P. water bottle)  Sorry if anyone had to dodge my water bottle that I dropped.  T2:  I was able to undo my shoes and just slip my feet out, so I could run my bike in faster, slip on my running shoes and take off.  My legs were heavy on the run, and by the time they started to move I got a horrible side stitch.  My run was definitely the worst part of the tri.  My time was 1:10 :25?  I think.  I was overall really happy, and I had fun!  I finished 2nd in my age group!   The food and beer after the race was great.  I can’t think of another time when a beer tastes sooo good.