The Longest Run

I opted to go home early last night after Court and I went to see “Confessions of a Shopaholic” .  Which was hilarious by the way.  Not sure who made it out to see Cherry Stoners, but I hope you had fun!  I ran from my house and met Jenni G’s crew at moxo.  They were running 13, and I had 20 to do.  I figured having company for 13 was better than none at all.  We ran most of the A.L. half route.  Allisyn was running strong, and we chatted for the first 7 miles.  Everyone was relieved when the got back to Moxo.  While everyone got their oatmeal I ran back towards my house and met Steven.  He so graciously ran the last 5 miles with me.  I was a nice run, weather was ok and great company.  20 miles is the longest I have ever run! 

I was able to go home and recover after some breakfast.  I took a nap and slept for 3.5 hours.  My kids were gone, and the house was quiet.  Wow, I guess I needed the sleep. 

Weekly total:  45miles