The Hangover

hangoverIt was raining hard in Virginia this morning , so I didn’t bother rushing back to Springfield for masters swim.  I figured it was raining there too, plus it was nice to sleep in.  I went to fit club later in the day and did my own work out:  600 warm up, 2x 200’s drill, 8×25’s fast, 6×100’s on the 1:40. 8×50’s, 8×25’s, 8×50’s pull,and 6×100’s again.  Finished with 8×25’s no breath, and a 300 pull. 

Later, I went to 1600 powerzone at west.  It was free wights and tubes night.  It’s good to train your muscles in different ways.  If you only do squats and lunges, you will start to adapt to this movement.  Muscle confusion!!  After the work out Steven and I went to see “The Hangover”  It was so worth the money.  I hope some one’s bach party bares no resemblance to any events in this movie.