Thank you Thank you.

Today was a Wednesday like any other.  I started with 1600 powerzone.  Due to the nice weather, the attendance was low.  This left plenty of room for walking lunges.  I think we spent 30min. lower body. 

I made it to the track around 1745.  Katie had planned 7min of steady running, followed by 3min rest.   Running this three times.  I started my first 7min.  I planned on just doing miles, and then a rest.  I finished the first mile in 6:46.  Rested for a minute and began the second.  On my second lap, I ran past the group, who were already on a rest.  Everyone clapped and cheered for me as I ran by.  Katie told them I got my PR @ Havana.  It was so nice!  I think I was blushing.  I later told Katie that I could not have done it with out the help of her, and everyone at the track.  They are my motivation and have pushed me all summer to run faster and harder.  So thank you to everyone! 

Jack helped me through lap 3, and I finished lap 4.  That was mile 2.  Man this was tough tonight.  I felt like quitting then.  I did another half mile,and then called it a day.  What a crappy track workout. 

I couldn’t go home and lay on the couch, so I got the trainer and did some spinning for 35min.  I listened to my new podcasts, and sweat my frustrations from the track away.