Surf and Turf

It was such a beautiful morning and I took full advantage of the day.  To start, I went to the Nelson center around 1030 to swim.  There were maybe 8 people there.  I don’t know who was with the tri club.  I did see Dr. Di there, swimming with her son Evan.  I jumped in the pool, the water felt great.  It is such an awesome feeling to swim out side, instead of in the stinky fitclub.  I started my swim.  The plan today was just a long swim.  I forgot how much I love swimming in a 50m pool.  It made the 1.5m swim go by fast.  When ever I am swimming a long swim I repeat what length I’m on, over and over in my head the whole lap. If I don’t I would completely lose track.  So this is me “37,37,37,37 breath, stoke, kick 37.  Wow I’m on 37 already! I finished my 1.5 miles, and was feeling great.

After the swim I went home and got the bike out.  I aired up the tires, and for some reason the front tire would not inflate/stay inflated.  I got some practice  changing my tube.  It took me a lot less time to change it this time.  ( I think the first time I changed my tire it took a hour.)  New tube, good to go.  I drove over to the Wabash trail.  The construction around the overpass wasn’t as bad as I thought.  I hadn’t been out to the trail and didn’t know what to expect.  I wanted to do 22 miles, but at the end I had gone 18miles, and my legs and my butt were tired, so I called it a day.