Sunny and Seventeen

What a great weekend!  Saturday morning I woke up around 0530.  I was planning to meet everyone at Moxo.  The weather was already in the 40’s!  I put on some knickers, and along sleeve shirt. 

We did 5 mile to Lincoln park and then back to Moxo to meet up with the halfwits.  I ditched my long sleeve shirt, and gloves in the car before heading back out with Steve, Rick, and Tim.  We follow the halfwits route through Washington park, we added on a couple loops before  heading back to Cafe Moxo.  I think we kept an 8min pace most of the way.  I definitely ran faster than I ever would have alone, but I felt great the whole run.  Thanks guys for letting me run with ya!

We made it back to Moxo; 17.7 mile in 2:35.  I couldn’t stay for oatmeal today.  I had to pick up the kids from Mom.  I took a little nap in the afternoon before going to a wedding, and then to the benefit for Finn Grady.  My thoughts and prayers are with the family.