Stop whining

Derick and I did a nice 7mile run today.  We didn’t start as early as planned.  I was being lazy.  It’s nice when you have a training partner to push you out the door. It was staring to warm up out side, and the route we took was nice and hilly.  Not Washington park hilly, like St. Louis half hilly.

 I usually run alone, so running 7 with someone else was weird.  We kept the same pace, although I felt a little sluggish.  I didn’t eat dinner the night before.  Big mistake when doing any kind of distance.  I felt like I was making excuses for my running, and being kind of whiny.  When I run alone there is no one to listen to me complain  about my stomach hurting, or my knee being a little sore.  I just suck it up and run.  Is it better to run alone?  Not always.  I guess it’s nice to have the company, and the push.  Just not all the time, or I might turn into a sensitive sally girly girl.  Eww stop whining about how hot it is and run!