Steamy Sunday Swim

It’s funny how when you have been absent from something, you feel like you are going to fail when you start again.  I haven’t been to a masters swim in about a 2 months, but did I think I forgot how to swim?  This morning was beautiful, a great day to swim outside.  I got to the pool and the water temp was a steamy 80 something degrees.  Not fun to workout in.  The lanes weren’t really set up, the Susa swimmers were in lane one, and lane 2 and 3 were not divided, the rest of the pool was open.  I started warming up, not sure how everyone would group, and I wasn’t sure if I should swim with Eric, or Erin, the people I usually would.  The work out was 5×100’s 100 easy, 4×100’s, 100 easy, 3×100, 100, 2×100, 100, 100 all out. Most people were walking the 100 easy so the could cool down a little more.  I eventually moved over a couple lanes and finished the set with Eric,and Greg.  The last set was 6×100 pull with breath control.  I tried to breath 3, 5, 7 by the 50.  I love swimming outside, the current in the pool is weird though, and I’m pretty sure I saw a toe in the bottom of the pool, but 100’s in a 50m pool are right up my alley.