Spin the Big Wheel

drewcarey_priceisright_240It’s my day off, and I have nothing pressing on the agenda.  The kids are gone, and the house is clean.  According to  the schedule I am supposed to do 60-90 min cycling.  It was dark and wet outside, so I got on the trainer, and put on my headphones.  Of course 20 minutes later it started to clear up, but I was already warmed up.  I did 45 minutes in the big chain ring, then 10 fast spinning, and a cool down.  While spinning,I channel flipped and caught contestants spinning the big wheel on ” The Price is Right” .  Drew Carey is a bore.  Is that libel? 

Later in the day, I found my self wandering around the house again, and decided to go for a run.  What better way to fight boredom.  Plus, my running has been feeling less than stellar.  I did about 5 miles through the park.  It’s getting better every time.