Ya ya I know I haven’t posted in a week.  I have been trying to start planning a wedding, looking at houses, and then an unexpected family issue, has kept me busy…so here is a recap.

Monday I did a 10 mile long run (it’s a cut back week), Met Steven at fc. at lunch and did a 30min. total body weights routine, and then did a mile swim.  That night I did a 30 min upper body workout.  That was 4 workouts on Monday.  Tuesday morning I did pilates before work, and took the evening off.  Wednesday I did 1600 powerzone at the club, and then did a 4mile tempo run on the treadmill.  Thursday schools were cancelled due to the cold.  I did a 3mile run on the treadmill.

Today I got out of work late, and was crabby because I didn’t make 1700 powerzone.  I came home and road on the trainer for an hour. 

Everyone always says it, but never take anything in life for granted.