Somewhere over the rainbow

A dark gloomy sky had me questioning if my run would happen tonight.  I went to fitclub south after work to do 1730 powerzone.  I left my Ipod in the car, on the charger in case it rained.  I  was hoping it would pass by the time class finished. 

After powerzone I went out side to check the weather.  Yep, pouring rain.  I ran to the car grabbed the ” all important for a treadmill workout” Ipod, and ran back inside.  I did a mile warm up, and then 2x 2 miles at a 10K pace.  So for me on a treadmill, this was an 8:00 min mile.  1mile for a cool down and I am done.  I haven’t spent that much time on the treadmill in a while.  I walked out to the car, and of course it had stopped raining and there was a double rainbow in the sky.  I was glad to have my workout done.  There is no pot of gold, just a tofu burger and glass of chardonnay.