Something Old, Something New

I haven’t been out on the bike since the fall.  It has been a long winter on the trainer.  The high temp today was in the 60’s and was getting outside on the bike no matter what.   I waited until 0930 before I left.  I road from my house down Washington and to Chatham and back via the trails.  Parts were pretty muddy, and at one point I got off and walked my bike across.  There was about 200 feet of loose gravel and mud.  I was not in the mood to change a flat, so I carried my bike.  I got home doing 30 miles.  It was  a tough first ride, but felt good to get outside.

After picking up the kids, I squeezed in a track work out.  I did 10×400’s at a fast pace. I haven’t done any speed work out side, most of my repeats I have done on the treadmill this winter.  My legs were feeling the ride earlier, but I still managed 1:33’s for the 400’s.  After a good sweat at the track it was time for 1600 powerzone. 

After finishing my work outs I went home to cook dinner.  I started the grill , the kids wanted bratwurst, and I tried something new.  I grilled tofu.  Yes, it is possible.  I was going to mix it in with some turnip greens, but it turns out those are gross.  I ate my grilled tofu with some portabella mushrooms instead.  It was delicious.