I had no choice but to get my long run in this morning before work.  Ten miles in the morning does not sound like fun to me.  I couldn’t help but to hit the snooze, so I got a later start than planned.  Ten might be pushing it.  I did a loop through the park, down Chatham, back to Washington and home.  I got 9 miles in.  Darn the snooze button.  I felt pretty good during the run.  Shower, coffee, work.

After work I went Fit club and since I was pushed for time,I did a 1mile swim time trial.  It took me 24min.  Not my fastest, but pretty good.  After the swim I did an hour of weight in powerzone.  We knocked out shoulders at the start, which makes every other upper body exercise even tougher.  I had to stay up and watch the tour apparently there was some controversy?