Sleeping in

I love that the masters swim doesnt start until 0800.  Sleeping in until 0700 is wonderful!  I got up drank some coffee, put my suit on and headed to the pool.  I jumped in a lane with Erin W. and Nicole S.  a 500 or so warm up and then we started with 8×50’s on the 50 sec.  Then we began the workout that Mike had so graciously sent even though he wasn’t there.  You knew he had no plans to swim this work out.  It was tough.  Erin lead the sets and she was killing me.  I was making the times, but I was tired!  I cant remember all we did but there we 100’s 75’s 300’s and 125’s.  With little rest.  We finished with some 6×100 pulls.  With my addiction fed for the day, I went to the grocery store so I could feed my kids.