Maybe it was the snow, maybe I’ve been pushing to hard?  What ever “it” was I can’t look back.  I was in my 5Th week of training for Boston and what started out as an annoying pain in my shin is now a stress fracture.  Last Sunday Steven and I ran 16.  I felt great!  Until the last mile and my right shin started hurting again.  Long story short, I was told to stop running for three weeks.  That means if I heal I will have 6 weeks until Boston.  I should focus on just getting there and doing the marathon.  I’m not going to lie, it is mentally tough.  I really felt I was running better than ever and a 3:30 marathon was definitely a possibility. 

This week I still did what I could of p90x, yoga, upper body weights and abs.  I swam on Wednesday and again this morning.  I head to fitclub(of course its gorgeous out) and started by doing 15 min of pool running the therapy pool.  Then I started my swim set:

4×100 odd free even back

13x[100 @ 1:55, 2×25 @:35]

50 free

2x [4×75] pull/swim

The hardest part of the 13 100’s set was the 25’s.  I was trying to sprint the 100’s and coming in too soon.  When I slowed down the 100’s I then sprinted the 25’s.   I got the work out from the swim planner ap I downloaded on Steven’s iPhone.  You enter the distance you want your work out to be , and presto you’ve got a workout.  You can change the warm up if you don’t like it , or the main set. It’s a great ap.