Shut up and let me go

Ah Friday, and a 3 day week end for most.  It was the perfect morning to  try out my zoot’s again, so I went for a run before I had to leave for KC.  I definitely wore socks this time.  I did my usually stretching, and rolled out my I T band before the run.  I started toward Washington park.  I was rockin at around a 7min pace.  I know it’s some what cliche, but I love the Ting Ting’s song from the I pod commercial.  “Shut up and let me go”. It started playing while I was running the big hill.  I sped up the hill keeping my fast pace.  I came to the short steep hill on the north side of the park, I was going to do 4 repeats.  After the first one I got a horrible pain in my posterior.  Maybe hamstring, more glut.  I stretched out and started to run again.  Still pain.  I though I might a have to walk the rest of the way home.  I started running slowly and by the time I reached my house it felt a little better.  A set of abs , and I’m off like a dirty shirt.