Should have Brought the Sprint.

sprintI thought since we were out the door before 0600, it might not be a bad run.  I was so wrong.  It started off fine.  Steven and I headed out Washington, After mile 1, I made the comment, ” I should have brought my new Sprint water bottle.”  ( It’s a smaller hand held bottle from Nathan.  Just enough for Hot shorter runs.)  We turned around at mile 3.5, almost to Bradfordton. By this time, it was getting hot and humid.  When we crossed Veterans on the way back, I was dying.  I think my legs were still tired from last night.  I whined the last mile home.  ” I want a drink!!  It is still humid at 0700 in the morning.  We made it back home with 7 miles done.  After drinking a gallon of water, I got  ready for work.  Thankfully it was a slow day in surgery, so I sat and gossiped with my bff Courtney, and let my legs rest. 

After work I came home and did a wieght routine, and some abs.   Then I did some fast spinning on the trainer for 45min.  Just enough time, then Steven and I went and saw the new Transformers movie.  It was awesome!