She’s back

I admit it, I wrote Britney Spears off when she started getting all crazy, but I have to confess; I love her new song, Womanizer.  It was the best song to listen to this morning. 

I woke up at 0500 to start my run, I was out the door by 0530.  It was still dark out and there was just a little drizzle.  I started going south on Koke Mill, the wind felt like it was pushing me back home.  “Don’t go out and run”, but I kept on.

I was relived after the first left turn I made, when the pesky wind disappeared.  There were few cars out and little distractions.  I was free to enjoy my music, and my run. 

At mile five, the ran was falling at a rapid pace.  This was enough for me to turn my 7 miler into 6.  I walked in the door an hour later, and a little heavier than when I left. 

After a wonderful start to the morning, I went to work.  There I caught some flack from a certain triathlete surgeon, because I have not signed up for Augusta 70.3… yet.  “I will I will, I am doing the race.”  I convinced him.  It terrifies me to commit to a race like that.  What if I fail? 

After work I went to fc, did a short treadmill run ie:2 miles, and then went to powerzone.  Inner and outer thighs tonight.  I guess this justifies the Fat Tire I am drinking right now.