I dropped Brady off for his tutoring lesson this morning.  While he was learning, I was being schooled on the track.  I had 45 minutes to run while Brady was at his lesson, and the SHG track is conveniently located next to school.  I got  my Ipod, and started my 40min Kara Goucher’s endurance boost workout.  I though it would make running on the track a little more fun.  The music is fun, and Kara gives you motivation while you run.  I had not done this work out in a while, and man it was tough today.  Maybe it was the 2 a day, yesterday that had me a little tired.  The workout consist of a warm up, and the 4x 4min tempo intervals, with 4min. in between.  The first 2-4min intervals weren’t bad.  I rang at a 7:00 pace.  The last to were terrible.  My legs were tired and hot.  I finished the work out, got 4.6 miles in and then walked over and picked up Brady.  

I took the kids to Knights action park.  I finally got to read this months Triathlete issue.  I did one loop on the lazy river.  Thats all I could do.