Say What?

A week and a half left until I can run again.  I can make it.  In my attempt not lose too much fitness, I went to the park and walked.  It was painful as I got passed by several runners.  I wanted to break into  a sprint and pass them as I shouted “I ran a marathon”.  I’m sure it is just in my disillusioned mind that people were wondering why I was walking, not running. 

I’m also not sure why man with three dogs was shouting hello at me, even though I had head phones on?  Clearly I can’t hear him.  Why not wave?  Makes sense to me.  I walked a little over 2 miles, and thankfully didn’t get hit by any of those crazy “bikers” everyone is talking about. After walking I went to dinner at BW3’s with my brother and dad.  I think we sat in Dan’s private booth, and Steven got to try the Buffalito’s they always rave about.  I had a salad.