Role Models

I started my Wednesday work out with an hour of wight @ powerzone class.  We did walking lunges, and a lot of squats.  I wasn’t sure I this was a good thing, considering I had track later.  I got to track practice late again, since football is starts at 1800. 

I started with a 400 warm up.  I planned on doing 6×800 @ 5k pace. My first 4 went really well.  I was averaging a 6:15 pace.  My legs didn’t feel tired at all from the weight work out.  On the 4th 800, Brady ran a 400 with me.  We stopped for a drink.  Everyone at track was saying “wow he is really fast.  How fast can he run a mile?”  I laughed.  He is fast, but I think he could only do a 800 right now.  I am just trying to be good role model for my kids and hope that they grow up and enjoy running, or something.  I finished my last two 800’s, and then we did another 400 cool down.  When we left the track I stopped and chatted with Rabbit Kevin M.  I He is just coming back from and injury.  He reminded me of the up and coming women’s Biathlon.  The rumor is the bike portion is really hilly.  Are you ready?