Rock and roll

It’s 3 o’clock in the afternoon and it’s hot.  I think I’ll ride instead of run.  I headed down Washington across Bradfordton.  Freshly re-rocked road.  I’m glad to hear Dan say the tar and rock slowed down some of their sprints, because it sure slowed me down.  I either thought I was going to bite it on some loose rock, or I needed my mountain bike it was so bumpy.  I turned around after 5 miles, forget this.  On the way back home I did a detour through Washington park.  I hadn’t been in a while.  Why didn’t anyone tell me the paved over 2 parts of the road.  It mad the ride so much easier, and smoother.  I finished with 19miles.  Not to bad.  Later I met my mom at BW3’s, enjoyed a Fat Tire, and the went to showplace 12 to watch Glen Beck Live ’08.  It was actually pretty funny.