Raw food

I started my three day raw foods fast today.   I am fasting to help clean, and detoxify the body.  Crazy, I know but I am doing it for personal reasons, and I’m  not saying everyone should.  I will eat only raw and unprocessed foods.  So basically fruits, veggies, and nuts, and only water to drink.

Before taking the kids to school, I did 25min of yoga.  I had a dentist appt,and then a dr. appt. later in the  morning.  This put my long run on a time constraint.  I didn’t get out until 1230, and I had to be back to get the kids from school.  I ran down W. Washington think frostbite.  The wind was wicked on the way out, and I was regretting the decision to wear shorts.  The way back home was a bit easier, but my legs were feeling the treadmill sprints I did yesterday.  I also only had water for the run, no gu, and no Gatorade.  They aren’t raw foods.  I made it home on just enough time to jump in the car and get the kids.

I made it to 1600 powerzone.  Amanda had it out for me today, because we did lots of lower body, and my legs were tired.  I made it through the class, and went home.  I will be watching the world series again tonight.  Go Tampa Bay!