Puddle jumper

I took the kids to school and set out for my mid week long run of 9 miles.  I wasn’t overly excited about the fact  that it was raining, but a wise man once told me,  “You might have to race in the rain, so you should train in it.”    So that’s what I did. 

The side walks from my house till about Chatham road are horrible.  I felt more like a steeple chaser than just a runner.  I was glad I wore my trail runners.  At least my feet stayed dry while I was puddle jumping.   I think it rained all of my nine miles.  It was still a great run.  I averaged around 8min miles.  I was completely soaked when I got home. 

After having a nice lunch with my 2 wonderful, future Sister-in-laws, I headed over to Fitclub south to get a sprint swim in.  To my dismay the pool was indeed closed for repair.  Ugh!  I had seen a post about it under Dans blog, but thought it was a joke.  I changed directions and went to west.  Here is the swim: 

4 x 150
100 free/ 50 drill or kick choice

  1. Drill Set : 4 x 50 kicking on back, focus on loading front of stroke for high hips, and narrow amplitude of kick
    4 x 100 breath play
    odds: 50 breathing right only/ 50 breathing every 3rd
    evens: 50 breathing left only/ 50 breathing every 3rd
  1. Main : 4 x 300, 200, 100)
    1. 300’s always swam pull, focus on strong catch and front of stroke
    2. 200’s always swam build by 50’s
    3. 100’s always swam fast
    Rest interval is 15 seconds after each effort throughout set


  2. odds: kick build to fast, evens: easy free swim
    4 x 25
    4 x 50
    4 x 75

After the swim I went home and did a 30 min. weight routine.  I think I made the most of my day off.  I don’t think I over train, sometimes I just “overreach”  as the article in this months “Triathlete” magazine details.