Pre-Season Basics

In this months Triathlete magazine there is an article tilted ” Pre-Season Bike Basics”.  It suggests doing one-foot drills, to improve pedaling efficiency.  I got up around 0530, and got on the trainer to do the drills.  I did 10 min. warm up, and then 30 sec. each leg, with 2 minutes easy pedaling in between.  One foot drills are a lot harder than you think.  Definitely good practice .  My stroke is not smooth, at the top of the stroke, it seems like I’m kicking out.  I guess I should do these more often. 

After work I went to the park and did a 3 mile tempo run.  It was cold, and some parts in part were still icy.  I still managed a 7:15-7:30 pace.  Later in the evening I had my favorite dinner at Ginger, and went to see “Yes Man”  with Jim Carey.  The movie was Okay.  Funny, but a little long.  2.5 Stars.