Pre-race meal

This Friday started early with a speed swim workout in the pool.  I went to Fc around 0530 to swim before work.  My set focused on short intervals.




12 x 25s  on 30

2 x 6 x 50s stroke decend  on 1:00

3 x 100s free descend on 1:25

300 pull

200 cool down.

After a the swim I grabbed some coffee and went to work.  I ran a 5 mile tempo run last night, and with the race tomorrow I just did weights after work.  I went to 1700 Powerzone.  I was in one of those moods, where I would have rather been any where else, but the gym.  I couldn’t skip a workout thought, and was glad when I was finished.  I had my pre-race meal at Ginger Asian (love this place).  You should try the fried tofu, it’s awesome.  I forget the name of the entree I had, but it’s entirely vegan, and a little spicy.  I am ready for tomorrow’s race!