Pre party planning

I had contemplated going for a bike ride today, but it was snowing when I got up.  I quickly changed plans, and went to 0845 powerzone at fitclub south.  10 min. of abs on the ball started the class.  Then total body weights.  After the class I went to the locker room and  got in my suit.  Steven met me at the pool.  I had a awesome 4300y set planned for us. 

We had to wait for the aquafit class to finish before we started.  I cut the swim down to 4200 yards total for me. After an  1hr 20 min in the pool, I had to get going. The Springfield Clinic Christmas party is tonight!

Warm up
  1. 4 x 150
  1. 4 x 25 fast
    4 x 75 3,5, 7 breathing
    4 x 50 stroke drills


  1. 8 x ( 25/ 50/ 75/ 100)
    25 moderate tempo c+15
    50  fast tempo c+20
    75  moderate tempo c+25
    100 fast tempo c+30


  1. 4 x 100
  2. 400 pull
  3. cool down