Prairie Shark 2 Mile Swim

dsc01939Today was the Prairie Shark 2 mile swim.  This is the first time I have ever done this event.  I received and email earlier in the week telling me my heat time was 1:00.  I took my oldest to muni auditions the morning, and as the morning went on I was getting more nervous.  I guess there is something to be said about the races that start early in the morning.  There isn’t much time to think about how you will do.  I swam in high school, and swim 1.5 mile steady swims once a week, but I was nervous about how well I would do, and how to keep pace.   It’s a more difficult in swimming to mach sure you are staying on pace, no watch to look at.

I arrived at Eisenhower pool around noon.  The first heat was in the pool already.  Johnny Metro was in lane 1, swimming away with his ankle brace and all.  I checked in and got my t-shirt ( yellow and black, my fav).  We watched the first heat finish, and the winner in that heat finished in around 36 min.  Wow, that’s fast! 

My turn was up.  I was in lane 4.  Steven was going to be my timer, and I instructed him to signal me every 10 laps, or 500 yards with a blue kick board, and then the last 300 with a red one.  When we started, my strategie was just to keep a steady pace the whole time.  The girl in lane 3 was faster than me, so I couldn’t pace off her. ( in my defense I think she was like 17).  i felt good the whole swim and finish with a time of 47:18.  I wanted to finish under 50min so I was really happy!  We went to the after party later at Bernie and Betty’s pizza.  Nancy, Chris, and Patty were among the sharks there.  As of yet the results are not in , but we will post them when they are up.