Small Town Havana

PolkaWhy do we get up early, and drive an hour to the small town of Havana just to run a 5K?  Is it because of great shirt, the beer drinking that begins at 0900, and the great food?  Well yes, but mostly because it provides a flat fast course. The perfect place to set a pr.

The early drive was a foggy one, with cool temps.  We got there in plenty of time to get our pacts, and get a good warm up in.  I did forget my shades.  Anyone that knows me, know I always run in my glasses.  I  am a creature of habit. 

We lined up at the starting line.  I was definitely feeling nervous.  I have really been focusing on my track work out and speed this summer, and I really wanted to do well.  When the race started I really tried to focus on not going out too fast.  A bad habit of mine.  I did mile 1 @ a 6:38.  A little fast, but I felt OK.  Mile 2 was just under a 7:00.  When I got near the finish i saw the clock.  20:52.  “Move it”  I thought to my self.  I finished with a 21:02.  MY PR by 43 seconds!  I couldn’t help but kick my self for not breaking a 21:00. 

Kim's 3After the race we got a beer and visited with all the other Springfield rabbits that raced.  Dan asked me to interview Joe Thiel.  I more nervous doing this than the race.  

I ended 2nd in my age group, 4th overall womens.  Derick, Dan, and Jason all get trophies too!  The Polka pace is always a good run, and good time.  I didn’t realize until I read Dan’s post, and  looked at my past trophies that this completed my trilogy as well.  In ’06 when I set my previous PR of 21:45 I got 1st, and last year I placed 3rd.  You can see my 1st place trophy is broke.  Thats how it came.  [Polka Pace Race Results]