Peds Only

This weeks training schedule calls for an 8 mile run, and a 14 miler, along with a short brick later in the week.  With all the rain last night, we got up early to do the 8 miler.  We did a lap through Washington, where Steven commented on the new lane markings.  We made our way down Lawrence to Walgreens, and then turned around and back through the park.  Along the way through the park we were running and there was a cyclist coming towards us.  I suggested we move to the right lane, the “peds only lane” .  “Really?’, asked my running partner.  “Why?”  “Because that’s where the walkers and runners are supposed to be. It doesn’t stand for pedals only.”  After this conversation, we both had to stop running for a minute we were laughing so hard.  Yes, he really thought that’swhat it meant.  We’ll blame it on low blood sugar after a tough 8 mile run. 

After work I did a 5min warm up on the treadmill, and then 8×400 repeats.  I felt the need to get some speed work in.  I finished the evening with 15min of abs.