Overall at The Iron Abe

DSC02192After running my PR in the sizzling mile on Wednesday( a 6:10), and this being a convenient cut back week on the Augusta training plan, I was ready for the Iron Abe today!  I did an easy run and weights on Friday, and a easy swim on Saturday. 

I had everything ready the night before, and ate some breakfast, and had some coffee before heading to the lake.  I set up in transition, but started to panic a little when I found out wetsuits were legal.  I had mine ( well Patty’s)  in the car.  Should I run and get it?  I saw Bridget, and she was wearing hers.  Thankfully I saw Nancy and she, of course, wasn’t and this calmed me down.

DSC02233I did a quick warm up in the water, and the temp was fine.   We lined up for the start.  During the swim I kept toward the  front stayed next to another pink cap.  I had trouble spotting the buoys due to the sun.  I just hopped I was swimming the right direction. 

T1 was good, got on my new Oakley’s and I was off.  I wasn’t surprised when my brother passed me before mile 10.  I was riding well, and saw the 1st place feel male on the turn around.  Catching her was my goal in my mind.   I took the time to put socks on in T2.  During the run we were mixed in with stoneman runners.  It was hard to get a good rhythm down on the run. There were lots of turns and ups and downs.  I was worried about the run, bet felt better than I thought I would.  I finally caught the 1st place female with about a mile left to go.  I was hot and tired but tried to hang on.  I saw my boys and Steven when I crossed Lindsey bridge and gave them a high five before sprinting to the finish.  I finished in an overall time of I think around 2hrs 24 min. 

DSC02235Everyone said I was the first female, but you can’t be sure at a tri.  Who knows, I could have gotten a penalty.  Steven bet me I couldn’t look at the results until the awards.  So I waited.  I had a Fat tire or two until the awards started.  I ended up getting first place overall female!  I was so excited!  The Hardy Breed group went home with lots of hardware.  Thanks to everyone who volunteered and who came out to cheer.