open water swim

No I didn’t go to the lake today. I would have froze.  It is almost June, Right?  I went to fit club a little later than usual tonight.  I did my Mile swim. I usually swim every fourth lap fast, but deceided to swim a faster pace consistenly. I finished the mile in about 28 min.  While I was swimming a water aerobics class began.  Now I am not saying anything bad. I think it is great that people are doing some kind of excercise, but when 25 people are jumping up and down in the water with little wing things on their ankles, I flet like I was swimming in an ocean.  I was kind of annoyed at first, but it really made it more difficult for me to swim, and thus I had to push myself harder.  That is always a good thing.  Especially in the pool when you can get comfortable in  a pace. 

I went home , and having seen Dan and Jason on their way to start their Tuesday night ride, I felt bad.  I knew they had to be a bit chilly, so I got on the trainer and did my race DVD.  This was one night I was glad I was inside on the trainer!