On the edge

Go Kim, it’s your birthday!  Okay it was yesterday.   Thats right, I’m on the edge of thirty.  My last year in the fabulous twenties.  Well, they havn’t all been fabulous, But this has been a good year.  I have had a great training/racing season.  I have a wonderful family, and great friends! 

To celebrate, my best friends,  and I met at The Office for drinks.  It was a Tuesday, and even though I had the day off today, I was fairly well behaved.  For me. 

I took the kids to school, and then set out for my long run.  I wasn’t feeling super, so I took my ipod with, for some motivation, and distraction.  I did one of my usual routes, and it felt pretty good.  I didn’t pay much attention to my pace.  I was Happy just to get the 12miles in.  I came home, and finished my packing.  I will be leaving for the airport when I finish writing this post. Look out Florabama, I’m on my way!