Oh What Fun it is to Run!

It was a beautiful morning with the light snow from the night before.  Steven and I decided to go for a run on the trail.  I wore my Yaks because I wasn’t sure how slick the trail would be.  I hadn’t been on the trail since they redid it.  It was great, I think it adds at least a mile to the trail.  We finished at the Office sports bar, where Steven left his car the nigh before.  So, my house to the Office is 10 mile.  Good to know.

Later on we went to the Wheel Fast open house.  There was lots of food and drinks, and everyone talking shop.  I found a few things I could use for Christmas.  Due to technical difficulties, we were unable to watch Ironman Kona.  I think Dan said he would have everyone over after Christmas to watch it.  Thanks Matt for having us.  It was a great time!  Merry Christmas!