Official Start

Steven and I got a 5 mile run in this morning before he went to work.  This is the official start of week one on training schedule for Augusta.  It is a 18 week program, 17 for us.  The first 3 weeks are getting back into condition.  While I was getting ready, I was listening to free beer and hot wings on 92.7.  One of the guys on the show was talking about a tri he did that week end, and how he nearly drowned on the swim.  It was hilarious.  Then he thought he broke his ankle on the run.  It sounded like a rough tri.  I didn’t hear the whole show, so I don’t know how he did.

The training sprogram has Monday evenings scheduled for weights.  Perfect.  I haven’t been to power zone in a month.  Amanda started us with chest, and then a cruel squat/lunge combo.  Abs were last.  I wonder how sore I will feel in the morning?