Um, are we sure it’s November?  I checked the temp before Steven and I went for a run.  It said 49 with a high near 70?  I wore shorts and a tee.  It was such a beautiful day!  We were going to run the  Chatham high school and see if we could get on the track.  Denied.  That place is locked down like Fort Knox.  We went out another 1.5 miles and then turned around and went back home.  Around mile 7 I was wishing for a Gu. We didn’t plan on running 10 miles and my broccoli from last night wasn’t cutting it.  We made it back home, split a Coke before getting ready to go to the open house at Springfield Clinic.  The kids and Steven got to see the O.R. where I work.  It was a great Saturday.  I closing the night with a glass of Zen of Zin!