Not Quite a Biathlon

photoI wasn’t sure if I was going to run the Scholastic challenge 5k this year, but it’s a fun race for a good cause. Who cares if I’m not quite up to speed.  I headed to the race and got my shirt.  It was great to see everyone.  My last time on this course was a 23.07.  I just hoped to finish under 24.  My first mile was around a 7 min and so was the 2nd mile.  I started to slow down coming across the bridge, and thenyou still have to make the loop around and back up to the beach house.  I finished in 22.40.  I was happy with my time andit was good enough to get 2nd  place in my age group.  Congrats to everyone who raced!

smith-rdThe training schedule called for a 90min ride.  I don’t  think I could have ran the race , or a least not as fast, if we road out there like Dan.  Instead Steven and I went home, got the bike and road out to Salisbury and back.  We did an out and back route, and after the race andthe hills on Washington, I was shot.  Steven tried to get shots of us with his Iphone, this was the best one.  We saw the cutest baby skunk and Steven went back to get his picture, but it was gone.  It wouldn’t have been so cute if we got sprayed by him.  We got home in 2 hours, only because Steven pulled me down a long stretch  on Farmingdale road.  He didn’t mind, he’s a stronger ride than me anyway.   So I ran and then biked, it wasn’t a true biathlon, but a tough work out none the less.